ECO-FRIENDLINESS, or environmental friendliness and economic efficiency not only refer to a modern trend, but also mean a necessity that more and more enterprises from various fields are becoming aware of. When it comes to using packaging, one of the aspects of environmental friendliness is associated with recycling used containers. Recycling used wooden packaging is a way to reduce the company’s costs, as well as provides a possibility to operate in an environmentally friendly manner.

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Wooden pallets and pallet collars

Of course, when speaking about wooden packaging, we primarily mean wooden pallets and pallet collars, which are strong, durable, environmentally friendly packaging solutions that ensure the safety of goods during their transportation and warehousing.

Environmental friendliness

When speaking about sectors where the use of wooden packaging is possible, industry experts recommend choosing this type of packaging: firstly, wooden packaging means reusable containers; secondly, it can be disposed of without harming the environment unlike plastic or metal packaging.

Cost reduction

The fact that there is no need to store empty packaging, as well as the possibility of returning containers for disposal, make it possible not only to save space in the warehouse or in the premises of the enterprise, but also to achieve significant savings by reducing the amount of rubbish and waste to be disposed of.

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