KRONUS is launching its new UPYARD brand, which will offer a range of gardening products and wooden garden houses. This initiative will become part of the KRONUS global strategy to enter the DIY and gardening segment on the European market.

KRONUS has invested EUR 40,000 in the development and creation of the new brand, whose name and logo were developed by the Latvian agency Overpriced. The name of the brand was created by Strategy Agency White Label. Thus, we have developed a 100% Latvian product – from production to the development of a brand that is already known and competitive on the European market.

The name of the new UPYARD brand combines the English words “UP” and “YARD” in a wordplay that signifies the transition to next-level gardening.

This year, UPYARD gardening products and assembled wooden garden houses will be available in Latvia, as well as in retail chains across Scandinavia, Germany, France and Spain. In the coming years, KRONUS plans to expand its sales geography.

Sebastian Domme, Chief Sales Officer: “UPYARD will unite our gardening products and garden houses under one brand to embody a particular consumer lifestyle and allow our partners to promote these products and earn money more easily and efficiently. We believe that the UPYARD brand will help increase our product recognition and promote gardening as a hobby, as well as help us increase our presence in existing markets and implement a strategy to enter new markets.”

Aigars Mamis, Overpriced Design Director: “UPYARD design is rooted in a strong, joyful and rich brand character. It communicates care for our environment, gardens and cities with in a light and unique manner. The Upyard design system allows the brand to adapt to all kinds of contexts, communication channels and media without losing its single brand image.”

In Latvia, UPYARD products are available from K SENUKAI stores.

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